MSc. Milena Tržanuniv.dipl.oec.

In 1979 she graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, majoring in national economy planning. In 1987 she received her Master's degree in economic science at the Economics Faculty in Maribor. Her fist employment was in 1979 at IMP Emont in Ljubljana. She stayed there until 1982. In 1982 she took a job at Razvojni center (Development Center) in Celje, where she worked until 1988. In 1988 she began working at LUZ in Ljubljana. From 1991 until late 2002 she worked at the Municipality of Ljubljana as a Deputy Chief of Department for land management. At the beginning of 2003 she founded Inštitut za urbano ekonomiko d.o.o. (Institute for Urban Economics Ltd.) where she is employed as a CEO of the company.


In 1990 she completed expert examination under the Construction Act (OG SRS No.27/85) in the field of economic profession in Ljubljana. In 1994 she received a certificate for real estate valuator certified by the American Society of assessors ASA. In 2002 she completed expert examination in administrative procedure in Ljubljana.